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Solar Battery Storage System Installation in Fresno, CA

Fresno Solar Company providing Solar Battery Storage
Solar Battery Storage - Battery Monitoring


We can integrate solar monitoring apps so you can watch your battery storage levels in real time

Solar Battery Storage - Battery Systems


We design and install Critical Load & Whole House Battery Backup Systems

Solar Battery Storage - Integrated Backup Generators


We can also setup your generator to charge your batteries during stormy weather



Battery backup solar is not a new thing, however it has only recently become affordable for the mass market.


Power outages are becoming more common in California as wildfires from a neglected grid require planned outages from utility companies. Having power during these outages is becoming more necessary than every before. If you live in an area where this is a concern, call us so we can discuss your backup options. 

Best Solar Company providing Solar Battery Storage in Fresno



Lithium-Ion, Lio-Ferro-Phosphate and new improved AGM batteries are great ways to store power from the sun for when you need it. We are finally entering a world where renewable resource paired with battery storage is a reality. 

Storage has long been the issue with renewable energy. Although available, it was far too expensive for the average home, and therefore remained out of the residential market. Until now. Soon, it will be uncommon to purchase solar without battery storage.

Solar Company providing Solar Battery Storage in Fresno - LG Chem Batteries
Battery Back-up
Best Solar Companies in Fresno, CA - Best Battery and Solar Backup Systems - Solar Battery Storage from Simpliphi
Best Solar Companies in Fresno, CA - Best Battery and Solar Backup Systems: Generac PWRcell Solar Battery Storage

Home & Business Solar Battery Storage


Generators are great, however, their fuel source is limited. During an emergency, many enjoy the peace of mind renewable energy offers. You simply use your batteries when your solar is not producing power — primarily, at night. When the sun returns in the morning, your batteries are charged once again by your solar system. Hence, your back-up plan is renewable!


Also, if you’re worried about extended storms, we can go the extra step and back-up your batteries with an automatic generator. On those rare occasions you have no power and the weather is extremely dark and cloudy, your generator will start and re-charge your battery bank. Of course, this is most important for our 100% “off-grid” clients. 

“On-Grid” Battery Power Storage is useful for two primary reasons: 

1. Backup Battery Storage:

Many today clearly see the value in power back-up. Especially our neighbors in and around Coarsegold CA, such as Oakhurst, Mariposa, and North Fork, among many others. Blackouts and grid failures are more common in the foothill and mountain areas. Recently, PGE decided to turn off power due to high-winds increasing fire risk. These outages can come with little or no warning, and possibly last for days. Now that this reality is setting in, more and more are realizing the benefit in back-up power in the Central Valley and surrounding areas. You can now have emergency circuits in your house energized during a blackout. With a battery bank, you can easily get you through the night without spoiling your food. You can be watching TV, using your computer or using any other average electronic devices, such as lights, fans, etc. Basically, your “critical” loads will be on battery back-up. 

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2. Time of Use

TOU: Time of Use is where utility companies charge more between certain times of the day. Solar customers are obligated to be on TOU rates. This means, that for 5 hours per day (3pm-8pm or 4pm-9pm in our area with PGE, Pacific Gas & Electric), you will be charged a higher rate.


Batteries are now here to assist you during these times. Now you can use the energy your system produced during the day to power you during peak hours. 


Fresno Solar Company offering Battery Backup and Off-Grid Solar Systems: Sbrega Electric

What is the difference between
“Battery Back-Up” and “Off-Grid”?


The “Grid” refers to your utility company, which is probably PG&E.

Solar “Battery Back-Up” systems are there for you when the “grid” goes down, during a blackout or power outage.

“Off-Grid” refers to solar battery systems that are not in anyway connected to the grid. Customers in rural areas that are NOT serviced by a utility company are completely “off-grid”.

Design is very important in either case, as it
depends on the energy needs of your household.


We are a family owned and operated solar installation company. The name says it all. Out team of dedicated people truly care about others. We are not going anywhere and look forward to serving our neighbors for many years to come. 

Still want to know more?

Come meet us for yourselves, we'd love to answer any questions you may have. 

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