Financing & Rebates

Financing & Rebates

We offer a variety of financing instruments to our customers.  


Hero, Benji and other PACE programs are a government / private partnership that allows you to easily secure funding for your home improvement projects, including solar.  Terms can be 5 to 30 years, making the payments as affordable as you’re comfortable with.  There are even options that do not rely on your credit score at all!  These loans are secured to your home.


For solar, Dividend is another partner of ours, which offers industry leading rates and terms.  You can choose either a 12 year loan at 3.99% fixed APR, or a 20Y at 4.99% if you would like lower monthly payments.  These loans are not secured to your home in anyway, the only collateral is the equipment on your roof.    


By far the greatest incentive for buying solar soon is to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit, which will be tapering down after 2019, and disappearing all together for residential solar systems after 2021.  This is a huge incentive that has helped the solar industry for many years now.  You simply report on your taxes the cost of your system and you get the credit.  No tricky paperwork, no additional forms, it’s nice and easy.


SGIP is a new rebate that is available to homes that purchase a battery with their system.  This rebate can save you thousands on your battery(s).  This is also a first come, first serve program.  The sooner you decide, the better your chances are to secure a sizable refund on your battery purchase! 

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