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About Us: Thomas Sbrega II is the owner and founder of Sbrega Electric.  Sbrega Electric is a licensed  Electrical and Solar Power Contractor in Coarsegold CA

Sbrega Electric was founded in Jan of 2018 by Thomas Sbrega.  


With years of experience in the Solar / Electrical Industry, Thomas Sbrega decided to apply for a C-10 License and become a California Electrical Contractor.   


The unique properties of Sbrega Electric derive from this experience.  Installations performed by the owner prior to starting the business exceed 300 projects in Fresno CA and the surrounding area.  Several hundreds of site surveys and over 2,000 successful troubleshooting service calls later, and a separate enterprise was bound to be born.


Although our focus is Solar (Photovoltaic; PV) Electrical installation and repair, we are more than happy to help you with any of your electrical needs.  From new construction, to simply adding a sub-panel for your new hot-tub, we are fully qualified and here when you need us.

Off-grid pump house installed in 2010, still working like new!

Thomas Sbrega II is the owner and founder of Sbrega Electric.  


In 2010 I purchased property in Coarsegold CA with a friend.  One of the first choices we had to make was between paying $10,000 to the utility company or attempting to live “off-grid”.  It took four golf cart batteries to run the fridge and have enough energy available for typical electronic devices, including an LED TV.  This was the beginning of my fascination with solar.


Four batteries turned to 8, then 16, and now 24.  My friend lives on that property with his family of five still today completely “off-grid”.  Stories like this are not typical, however they do prove that it can be done, and it has been done successfully for years.


Up until about a year ago, the battery technology remained relatively the same in the market as the day we set up our off-grid system all those years ago.  Now things are different, and it’s very exciting to be able to offer things we were once only talking about.


The solar professional world must transition into a group who understand renewable resources and storage batteries more intimately.  I started Sbrega Electric with a well chosen team to lead that transition. 

The truth is, we have very little overhead.  My wife runs the office and I take care of operations.  This allows us to remain very competitive in our bids.  Another reason I'm optimistic for the future of this new family owned and operated business venture!

Sbrega Electric  559-961-9793

35234 CA-41 #2,

Coarsegold, CA 93614 

CA License #1034923 

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