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Light Fixtures Repair and Installation Coarsegold CA

Outlet fixtures and electrical switches can burn out over time.  Whether you have a burnt out component or simply want to change out all of your components in one sweep, updating and securing connections for safety, we can help you. 


Many take the advantage and modernize while they perform a professional electrical safety sweep of all their receptacles and switches. 

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EV Charger Install

Electric Vehicles chargers are in heavy demand in residential communities.  There is simply no better way to charge your car than with 240 Volts AC.  However, these chargers require an electrician to wire an outlet or hard-wire your charger into it’s own dedicated breaker.

This is actually a relatively simple task for a skilled electrician, and therefore we offer a very reasonable price for these installations.

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Smart Devices

Smart devices such as switches, flood lights and security cameras you can link up to wherever you have WIFI are now becoming very popular.  More and more we are helping customers install and set-up these devices in their homes.  These smart devices are not only convenient, but they help you save money and even add value to your home.

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Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pool pump replacement is something that is quite common these days, as new pool pumps use a lot less energy than the older ones.  There are even rebates we can assist you into securing which will certainly make your investment worth every penny in no time!

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Rewiring Coarsegold CA

Electrical rewiring is sometimes necessary, either for a particular project or for an entire house!


 Whatever the case may be, we are here and ready to serve.

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Ceiling Fan Installation Coarsegold CA

Whether a replacement or new installation, you deserve a nice breeze this summer at the cost of very little electricity. 

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Like all things with electrical connections, breakers can go bad and burn out over time.  Especially if there is a loose connection that was overlooked and caused little trouble for years.  Remember, it’s always important to hire an electrician if you are unsure of how to change out or inspect breakers safely.


We Can help you!  


LED lights are the only way to go.  Remember when people called it the "light bill"?  Thats because traditional lights use a lot of electricity.  If you haven't swept through your home and replaced all of your lights with LED, this is probably the first step in conserving energy.  And for this, you may not even need us at all... but if you do, we're here for you!


We are also happy to quote out changing the lights at your business, shop or storefront.


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Outdoor Lighting Coarsegold CA

Outdoor Lighting extends the use of your yard into the evening. Lighting your landscape is a great way to get the most out of your yard this summer! 


Let us help you.

Whole House & Attic Fan

Attic Fans  are a great way to climate control your house at the cost of little electricity.

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If your main panel is in good shape and you need to add additional circuits, a sub-panel may be the way to go.  Or if you simply want to relocate certain circuits to other parts of your home or property.  We’d be glad to help you with our expertise.

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A lot of main service panels are in disrepair or too small for additional loads and need replacement.  We can do this at a very reasonable cost when we contract directly with residential customers. 


If you are in need for one due to another home improvement project, call us and we can swap it out in a timely manner with the correct permits and inspections taken care of.  

We can help you!

Recessed Lighting

Recessed, or can lighting is an excellent way to modernize your lighting situation.  It's not as hard or as expensive expensive of a project as you might think.  Give us a call and we can give you an estimate that may surprise you.

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