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Top Solar Companies in California

Sbrega Electric is one of the top solar companies in California. We're a professional one-stop solar company located in Coarsegold, CA and we serve surrounding cities including Oakhurst, North Fork, Bass Lake, Mariposa, Raymond, Ahwahnee, Nipinnawasee, Wishon, Friant and Fresno areas.

Top Solar Companies in California	- Sbrega Electric

We enjoy working directly with our customers to solve their solar power needs whatever they may be. We offer solar system installation and solar battery backup systems for homes as well as for commercial customers.

What the complete solar power package includes:

  • Complete survey of your roof or plot

  • Design a plan customized to your home or business energy needs

  • Submit utility paperwork

  • Submit building plans

  • Meet all inspections

  • Supply materials and construct your solar system from the ground up

Off-Grid Solar Company

We also specialize in off-grid solar systems for customers who have no connection to any utility. We can design and install complete solar systems that provide you with energy during the day and we set it up to store enough battery power to get you through the night, until the sun comes up!

Let us help you convert to solar power today!

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