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Off-Grid Solar Company | Fresno & Coarsegold, CA

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Sbrega Electric specializes in Off-Grid Solar Battery Backup for your home!

Off-grid solar is where you have no connection to any utility, and your system simply provides you with energy during the day and you store enough to get you through the night, until the sun comes up!

Off-Grid Solar Battery Backup Having a battery backup system on solar panel systems allows off-grid homes have constant power in almost any weather conditions. For peace of mind, a great home battery backup system should have a well-designed off-grid solar home solar battery system for your California home.

Off-Grid Solar Company in Coarsegold Sbrega Electric is based out of Coarsegold in the Sierra foothills on theYosemite Highway. Our solar company serves off-grid and grid-tied homes across the area including Fresno, Oakhurst, Clovis, North Fork, Bass Lake, Mariposa, Raymond, Ahwahnee, Nipinnawasee, Wishon, and Friant.

Let us help you!

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