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Is now a good time to get Solar?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Consider this: Utility companies are raising their prices each year. You can stop this inflation by producing your own clean power from the sun. The panels we offer are secured by industry leading 25-year performance guarantees. However, solar panels will continue producing power long after 25-years. The reality is that this investment can pay you dividends for a lifetime.

To make solar more affordable, there is also financing and tax credits available:

  • California Solar Tax Credit You can also take advantage of solar tax credits and if you act soon.

  • Financing Solar Panels in California

Is now a good time to get Solar?

Here is why you should choose Sbrega Electric for your Solar Installation Company:

  1. Having options is a good thing, right? We dont force brands on you. We are versed on everything solar and storage. We love to educate and customize your system with you right down to financing"

  2. Sizing your system is everything! Why is it so important? Two words - true up!

  3. Learning the solar jargon can be overwhelming. While we are experts in our field, we can make solar simple while still making sure you are well informed

  4. Quality. What makes us different when it comes to quality? Many people on our team have spent years of their careers focusing on quality assurance. We have seen everything from the good, bad and the ugly. Rest assured our team is more than qualified to be on your roof, hook up to your electrical and install your solar correctly.

  5. Monitoring - we don't install your system, then forget about you. We make sure your system is always performing at its best. You will also have the ability to monitor your solar system from your phone or computer. We are a family owned and operated business. The name says it all. We have a great team of dedicated people that truly care about the business. We are not going anywhere and look forward to serving our neighbors for many years to come.

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