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Best Solar Companies in Fresno, CA

Sbrega Electric is one of the best solar companies serving Fresno and the surrounding area. We're a professional one-stop solar company based in Coarsegold, CA, and we work with many Fresno customers putting in residential solar power systems and backup power systems.

Best Solar Companies in Fresno

We enjoy working directly with our customers to solve their solar power needs whatever they may be. We serve commercial and residential customers in Fresno, Coarsegold and nearby California cities.

What the complete solar power package includes:

  • Complete survey of your roof or plot

  • Design a plan customized to your home or business energy needs

  • Submit utility paperwork

  • Submit building plans

  • Meet all inspections

  • Supply materials and construct your solar system from the ground up

Let us help you convert to solar power today!

Want solar but don't have the money saved to invest? Financing Solar Panels allows you to afford solar sooner so you don't have to wait. Sbrega Electric offers zero-down low-interest loans for solar panels with immediate cash-flow so you can save money from day one. If you pay cash, calculate when you'll earn the 100% return on your investment (usually 5-7 years, or about 10 years with battery back-up). Additionally, getting your solar panels in 2021 through 2022 is a great idea as you can still take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit, which is 26% of your total project cost. renewed through 2022. In 2023 it will drop to 22%, and is set to expire the year after that, so don't wait and take advantage of the tax credit savings now.

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