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Battery Storage Systems | Fresno, CA

Battery storage systems (Enphase) is a situation when your battery is not used for energy back-up, but for storing and consuming energy during high time of use (TOU) rates from your utility company.

Battery Storage Systems | Fresno, CA from Sbrega Electric

Save money on electricity! Time of Use is where utility companies charge more between certain times of the day. Solar customers are obligated to be on TOU rates. This means, that for 5 hours per day (3pm-8pm or 4pm-9pm in our area with PGE, Pacific Gas & Electric), you will be charged a higher rate.

Solar Batteries have come a long way and are now here to assist you during these times. You can use the energy your system produced during the day to power you during peak hours and save money on your energy bill!

​Our family-owned Solar Company Sbrega Electric is based in Coarsegold, CA, and we help customers throughout the region including Fresno, Oakhurst and Clovis. We offer affordable solar and financing as well to make solar a possibility for everyone.

Let us help you!

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