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Complete one-stop Solar Power Source for

Residential and Commercial Properties in Coarsegold California

Complete solar system supply & installation

We're a professional one-stop solar company located in Coarsegold, CA. We enjoy working directly with our customers to solve their solar power needs whatever they may be. We serve commercial and residential customers.


What the complete solar power package includes:

  • Complete survey of your roof or plot  

  • Design a plan customized to your home or business energy needs 

  • Submit utility paperwork

  • Submit building plans

  • Meet all inspections

  • Supply materials and construct your solar system from the ground up


Let us help you convert to solar power today!  

Solar Power System Installation only

We can install your solar power system in and around the Coarsegold, CA area. Have you already done all the research and found and purchased the perfect system for your needs? Maybe you just need some help putting it all together and getting it going? If you need to hire a professional crew capable of installing a solar system, no matter how small or big the job, we're ready to meet this need.    

Let us help you get your solar power system going!

Solar Power Troubleshooting and Repair in Coarsegold CA

Need solar Repair in Caursegold CA? Troubleshooting & Repair is certainly one of our specialties in the solar and electrical industries.  We never shy away from the opportunity to solve a problem.

Many times the problem is solved quickly and with little expense.

Let us help you! 

Solar Power Systems Coarsegold CA
RV SOLAR Installation Coarsegold CA

RV off grid systems are a reality now too!  


With RV's every project is a unique project.  Don't pay the high prices to hook up for electricity if you don't have to.  


RV'ers know this investment can easily pay for itself.

Let us help you! 

Solar Power Monitoring Coarsegold CA

Solar monitoring has come a long way in the recent years.

We have a firm grasp on a multitude of solar inverter monitoring portals and can help you navigate your solar information.

 Even if you have no monitoring to work with, there are products that can work with your system.  

Let us help you! 

Solar Power Battery Back-up Coarsegold CA

Battery back-up solar is not a new thing, however it has only recently become so affordable with the latest technologies.  Imagine having power during a black out.  If you live in an area where this is a concern, call us so we can discuss your back-up options.

Did you know?

SGIP Rebates combined with a Federal Tax Credit can nearly equal the cost of the battery.  We can explain how.

Let us help you! 

Battery storage systems Coarsegold CA

Battery storage systems (Enphase) are where your battery is not used for energy back-up, but for storing and consuming energy during high time of use (TOU) rates from your utility company.

Let us help you! 

solar battery storage Coarsegold CA
Off-Grid Solar Complete Services Coarsegold CA

Off-grid solar is where you have no connection to any utility, and your system simply provides you with energy during the day and you store enough to get you through the night, until the sun comes up! 

Let us help you!


Why Choose Us


  1. Having options is a good thing, right? We dont force brands on you. We are versed on everything solar and storage. We love to educate and customize your system with you right down to financing"

  2. Sizing your system is everything! Why is it so important? Two words - true up!

  3. Learning the solar jargon can be overwhelming. While we are experts in our field, we can make solar simple while still making sure you are well informed

  4. Quality. What makes us different when it comes to quality? Many people on our team have spent years of their careers focusing on quality assurance. We have seen everything from the good, bad and the ugly. Rest assured our team is more than qualified to be on your roof, hook up to your electrical and install your solar correctly.

  5. Monitoring - we don't install your system, then forget about you. We make sure your system is always performing at its best. You will also have the ability to monitor your solar system from your phone or computer. We are a family owned and operated business. The name says it all. We have a great team of dedicated people that truly care about the business. We are not going anywhere and look forward to serving our neighbors for many years to come.



Still want to know more? Come meet us for yourselves, we'd love to answer any questions you may have. We're located at 35234 hwy 41. Unit 2, coarsegold, ca 93614 or call us at 559-961-9793


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