Solar Power Battery Back-up 

Battery backup solar is not a new thing, however it has only recently become so affordable with the latest technologies.  Imagine having power during a black out.  If you live in an area where this is a concern, call us so we can discuss your backup options.

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Clean, renewable storage

The residential storage technology on the market today is cause for excitement!

Lithium-Ion and AGM batteries are revolutionizing the way home storage of renewable energy has been viewed in the recent past. We are finally entering a renewable resource (solar, wind, etc.) battery storage reality.

Storage has long been the issue. Although available, it was far too expensive for the average home, and therefore remained out of the residential market.  Until now.  Soon, it will be uncommon to purchase solar without a battery storage bank.

Generators are great, however, their fuel source is limited. During an emergency, many enjoy the peace of mind renewable energy offers. You simply use your batteries when your solar is not generating power, such as at night. When the sun returns in the morning, your batteries are charged once again by your solar system. Hence, your back-up plan is renewable!

Battery Power Storage is important for Two Reasons:


1. Back-Up: 

Many see the value in power back-up. Especially our neighbors in and around Coarsegold CA, such as Oakhurst, Mariposa, and North Fork, among many others. Blackouts and grid failures are more common in the foothill and mountain areas. 

Recently, PGE decided to turn off power due to high-winds increasing fire risk. These outages can come with little or no warning, and possibly last for days. Now that this reality is setting in, more and more are realizing the benefit in back-up power in the Central Valley and surrounding areas.

You can now have emergency circuits in your house energized during a blackout. With a battery bank, you can easily get you through the night without spoiling your food, watching TV, using your computer or any other average electronic devices, such as lights, fans, etc.  Basically, your “critical” loads will be on battery back-up.  

2. TOU: 

Time of Use is where utility companies charge more between certain times of the day.  Solar customers are obligated to be on TOU rates.  This means, that for 5 hours per day (3pm-8pm or 4pm-9pm in our area with PGE, Pacific Gas & Electric), you will be charged a higher rate.  Batteries are now here to assist you during these times.  Now you can use the energy your system produced during the day to power you during peak hours.  The new LG Chem batteries are perfect for those that may not experience many blackouts, but still have to battle TOU rates from the utility company.  And yes, similar rules apply for SCE (Southern California Edison) customers as well. 



+What is the difference between “Battery Back-Up” and “Off-Grid”?


The “Grid” refers to your utility company, which is probably PG&E.

Solar “Battery Back-Up” systems are there for you when the “grid” goes down, during a blackout or power outage.

“Off-Grid” refers to solar battery systems that are not in anyway connected to the grid. Customers in rural areas that are NOT serviced by a utility company are completely “off-grid”.

Design is very important in either case, as it depends on the energy needs of your household.

"PGE Public Safety Power Shutoff"

Why Choose Us


  1. Having options is a good thing, right? We dont force brands on you. We are versed on everything solar and storage. We love to educate and customize your system with you right down to financing"

  2. Sizing your system is everything! Why is it so important? Two words - true up!

  3. Learning the solar jargon can be overwhelming. While we are experts in our field, we can make solar simple while still making sure you are well informed

  4. Quality. What makes us different when it comes to quality? Many people on our team have spent years of their careers focusing on quality assurance. We have seen everything from the good, bad and the ugly. Rest assured our team is more than qualified to be on your roof, hook up to your electrical and install your solar correctly.

  5. Monitoring - we don't install your system, then forget about you. We make sure your system is always performing at its best. You will also have the ability to monitor your solar system from your phone or computer. We are a family owned and operated business. The name says it all. We have a great team of dedicated people that truly care about the business. We are not going anywhere and look forward to serving our neighbors for many years to come.



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